Welcome to the Quest Academy

Here at Quest we are video education experts so we’re providing some FREE online training to help further develop your skills.

There is little doubt that E-learning is a very powerful way to engage an audience and to help people learn. E-learning is now a global mega trend and by 2019, 50% of all US college courses will be taught online. And this makes great sense, E-learning is estimated to cut instruction time by about 60% and offer added flexibility and convenience for learners. 82% of learners say they like to learn at their own pace while 63% are happy to engage in online learning without prompting.

Video also increases understanding of a subject by 74% with visual learning working well for diverse audiences where English may be a second language. Evidence shows that targeted video content enables effective learning through active engagement. Evidence can also be easily recorded through online reports and learners receive certificates when courses are completed.

We hope you really enjoy the E-learning material contained in the Quest Academy.

Need E-learning Content?

Quest makes it easy by helping with planning and producing tailor made E-learning content just for you. E-learning is rapidly growing because it’s effective, consistent and also saves time and cost for repetitive training tasks. These can include inductions, health and safety and ‘how to’ education content.